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1/8" Chisel Tip for WSP80 LTC Weller / Cooper Tools

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Industrial & Scientific aims to provide the total protection you require in your working environment. 1/8" Chisel Tip for WSP80 is feature that will help you achieve a great level of productivity. Weller / Cooper Tools is an expert in protection process optimization, hardship manufacturing efficiency, and lowering production costs. Production that has to upgrade must elevated prime equipped research and development team on their side.
Length: 0.43"
A: .031"
B: .125"
Finish: Iron-Plated
Fits Model: WP80
For Use With: WSP80, WP80 Soldering Pencils
Lead-Free Solder Compatible: Yes
Material: Copper
RoHS Compliance: Yes
Shape: Chisel
Style: LTC
Tip Size: 0.126"
Tip Style: Chisel
Tip Thickness: 0.0310"
Type: Soldering Tip
  • Soldering Tip Size
    0.126 in
  • Qty/ Uom
    1 Each
  • Lead Free Compliant
  • Operating Temperature Range
    150-850 deg F
  • Tip Type
  • Reach
    0.43 in
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