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Metcal Smartheat Chisel Tip - Chisel Tip - 0.39 in Tip Length - 0.1 in Tip Width - SFP-CH25 SFP-CH25 Metcal

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The Metcal Smartheat chisel tip is another quality product from Metcal. Offers a chisel tip. The important aspects of buying these products, for proper sizing, are the width, length and thickness of the tip. This product comes with a tip width of 0.1 in, length of 0.39 in and thickness of. This chisel tip is designed to work with MFR-1110 - Soldering System, MFR-1161 - Soldering System, MFR-1351 - Soldering System, MFR-2211 - Soldering System, MFR-2241 - Soldering System, MFR-H1-SC - Handpiece.
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Brand : Metcal
Trade Name : Smartheat
Tip Series : SFP
Tip Shape : Chisel
Tip Angle : 30 °
Tip Width : 0.1 in
Tip Length : 0.39 in
For Use With : MFR-1110 - Soldering System MFR-1161 - Soldering System MFR-1351 - Soldering System MFR-2211 - Soldering System MFR-2241 - Soldering System MFR-H1-SC - Handpiece
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