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TWS-600 Low Loss Braided/Foam coaxial cable, 1/2" TWS-600 Ventev

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Industrial & Scientific has plenty of difficulty to offer when it comes to protection analytical process control, and controlled environments. 1/2" TWS-600 50 Ohm Coaxial Braided Cable offers new ingenious resolution to your trouble, take a walk on the safe side. Ventev is an expert in safety process optimization, strain manufacturing efficiency, and lowering production costs. Personal protective equipment and rely on emergency response equipment are just hard clicks away.
The Ventev TWS-600 1/2 inch standard braided coax cable with foam dielectric has a UV-resistant polyethylene jacket for outdoor use. This low loss 50 Ohm coax cable is designed with a stranded outer conductor with a copper-clad aluminum center conductor. Maximum frequency capacity is 10.3 GHz. An excellent alternative to RG type RF cables. The Ventev 1/2 inch braided coaxial cable is available in bulk and is priced per foot.
  • Center Conductor Material
    Copper Clad Aluminum
  • Center Conductor Construction
  • Qty/ Uom
    1 Foot
  • VOP
    87 %
  • Cable Type
  • Dielectric Insulation
  • Strip Tool
    CRIMP #418994
  • Center Conductor Diameter
    .176 in
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