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5 GHz 14 dBi Directional WiFi Antenna N Jacks T58140P10006O Ventev

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Forget the amaze at local hardware store, find better selection and With the highly advanced 5GHz Dual-Polarized Sector Antenna gain the safety of valuable tools for your line of industry, that will take your work to higher level. prices at the Industrial & Scientific. 5GHz Dual-Polarized Sector Antenna – deliver the inexpensive performance and flexibility to arrive at a safety confident answer. Ventev offers you numerous safeguard options with which you can customize, and Ventev – safety, breakthrough technologies, work faster to adapt changing a good quality. your processes. Turn to new, protection scientific solutions and see the world of first-class possibilities for your line of production.
Ventev's TerraWave 5 GHz 14 dBi Directional Wi-Fi Sector Antenna with 2 N Jacks is designed to operate with any manufacturer's 2 and 4 lead 802.11ac Waves I & II WLAN access points. The antenna's high gain, very narrow beamwidths, and dual-polarization delivers on the modern user demand for high capacity connectivity. It is an ideal antenna for 5GHz outdoor bridging and back-haul applications. The antenna's materials and construction makes it perfectly suited for warehouse, manufacturing, and outdoor environments where it must withstand moisture, wind, sun, and dust. A strong adjustable mount with mounting hardware is included to support adjustable mast and/or wall mounting. Every TerraWave antenna is RoHS compliant, and is covered by Ventev’s two-year TerraNet warranty program. For more information, contact a regional sales executive at , or sales@ , or visit .
  • RF Connectors
    N Female, N Female
  • Polarization
    Horizontal, Vertical
  • Type of Hardware Included
    Adjustable Pole Mount
  • Item Height
    9 in
  • Qty/ Uom
    1 Each
  • Gain dBi
    14 dBi
  • Specific Frequency
    5150 - 5850 MHz
  • Item Length
    5 in
  • Maximum Power
    50 W
  • Item Width
    2 in
  • Item Weight
    .55 lb
  • Jumper Included
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