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18/8c Str Bc N/s Cl3p/ Fplp P40030-25 Ventev

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Everything you merchandise to solve safeguard industrial quality control problems in the Industrial & Scientific. Have Occupational safety health and safety personal protection lines of equipment at the tremendous Industrial & Scientific. power and style at the same time with 18/8c Str Bc N/s Cl3p/ Fplp being in you ranks. Ventev – hardship analytical innovations that make a demands difference. Now you can afford to supply your department of research with new line of low cost equipment and consumables.
P40030-25 18/8c str bc n/s cl3p/ fplp
  • Center Conductor Construction
  • Qty/ Uom
    1 Foot
  • Wire Gauge
  • Number of Conductors
  • Center Conductor Material
  • Jacket Material
    LS PVC
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