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Cable Continuity Tester, 93.98 mm, 60.96 mm, 27.94 mm 3399 Triplett

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Occupational protection health and safety personal protection lines of equipment at the tremendous Industrial & Scientific. Cable Continuity Tester, 93.98 mm, 60.96 mm, 27.94 mm – dramatically improved product, you can depend on. Find the right cheaper instruments and have rely on plans for research and development. Triplett is choice for you if you take passage care for the safety and efficiency. You can approach closer to a problem in hand with new line of protection instruments that do difficulty in-field screening and identification.
The Fox & Hound™ wire tracing kit consists of a versatile Fox 2™ Tone Generator (Toner) and a high performance Hound 3™ Inductive Amplifier (Probe). The Fox 2™ is a battery operated handheld multi-function Toner that generates multiple tones (Pulse or Warble), performs some basic telephone line tests (loop mA, line polarity, and ringing voltage), provides a visual and audible continuity test, and integrates our own True Trace and TripLatch tests while providing overload protection up to 120 VAC. The Hound 3™ is a battery operated handheld lightweight Probe, with a thumbwheel Sensitivity control and Signal Strength indicator LED. It improves on previous designs with built-in LED headlights to illuminate dark areas and reduce fluorescent light noise, a bandpass filter to suppress unwanted frequencies, an earphone jack for noisy or quiet work areas, and an easy access battery cover.Features:
  • Hound 3
  • Adjustable sensitivity and loudness control
  • Bandpass Filter suppresses 60Hz and high frequency noise
  • Identifies Fox 2's tracer tone up to 12 inches away
  • Headlights illuminate dark areas and reduce fluorescent light noise
  • Built-in signal strength indicator
  • Earphone jack for use in quiet or noisy environments
  • Easy access battery door
  • Rugged, moisture resistant. Mylar cone speaker
  • 3 year limited warranty
    Fox 2
  • 3 methods of connectivity: RJ-11, RJ-45, or Alligator Clips
  • Cordless phone interface
  • High output, Warble/Pulse selectable Tracer tone
  • Convenient magnetic back for easy mounting
  • TrueTrace cadence shift for definite ID of cable or par within cable
  • Red/Green telephone lines polarity LEDs
  • Tone/Battery LED - indicates that Tracer tone is on and battery status
  • Overload protection to 120 VAC
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Hound 3
  • Detects FOX's tone up to 12 inches away
  • Speaker: 1-1/2 inch mylar coned speaker with high strength alnico magnet is rugged and moisture resistant
  • Probes: (2 provided)
  • Solid aluminum conical probe for low resistance contact testing
  • Conductive Plastic duckbill probe with metal threads for sensitive non-shorting testing
  • Earphone Jack: Accepts standard 1/8 inch (3.5mm) mini phone plug, either mono or stereo
  • Battery 9 volt (not included)
  • Tone/Battery LED - indicates that Tracer tone is on and battery status
  • Dimensions: 1-7/8 inch dia at speaker, 1-3/8 inch dia at body, 8-1/4 inch long with metal probe, 9-1/4 inch with conductive plastic probe
  • Weight: Less than 8 ounces including battery
    Fox 2
  • Indication: Red LED lights to indicate presence of Loop mA in correct polarity
  • Load: Approx. 13mA at 50VDC (usually less than off-hook recognition current)
  • Waveform: Square Wave or Differentiated Square Wave Level Approx. 8Vpp (+14dBu, 600 Ohm) into an open circuit(UN-terminated cable or telephone line) Approx. 5Vpp (differentiated) +2dBm into a 600 Ohm load (terminated telephone line)
  • Frequencies (3 types): LO - approx. 800Hz HI - approx. 1000Hz WARBLE - alternates between LO and HI
  • Battery: Standard 9v Alkaline Battery
  • Battery Life: 9 volt (not included) Approx 500 hours continuous
  • Dimensions: 3.7"H x 2.4"W x 1.1"T
  • Weight: Less than 7 ounces including battery
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