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S66 Block 25 Pr M1-25 Siemon

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Good product packed up with lots of utility, and much more - Electronics, Computer & Photo. It feels very good when the - Siemon Company beats its utility and pays off your investment. Best of all - it is simple, just set it up and you are done. Siemon is that smart. We are providing the next generation of amazing product. Goods that are easy to use, and follow your intuition - Electronics, Computer & Photo section, that offers: Siemon - S110AB2-100FT - Siemon S110AB2-100FT Cross-Connect Component, or Belden / CDT - A0270164 - Mount 250pr 10 Connector and Belden / CDT - 5341FE 0081000 - (Priced per THOUSAND FEET) - BELDEN.
  • Name: S66 BLOCK 25 PR, Siemon Company
  • Description: S66 Block 25Pr Fld Term 569Clp
  • Category: 110 Blocks & Accessories, Wiring Closet/Telecom Room, Structured Wiring
  • UPC Code: 700416033301
UPC: 700416033301 Weight: 0.85 lbs
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