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RHUB Turbomeeting 1000 Simple, Secure & Affordable Multi-Function Web Conference Appliance RHUB-1000 RHUB

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Telephony, PBX & VoIP - so every user may benefit from the freedom of movement with convenient up-to-date communication pieces of equipment that will follow them wherever they go. Planning is indispensable when it comes to communication devices; take excellent RHUB Turbomeeting 1000 Simple, Secure & Affordable Multi-Function Web Conference Appliance in to the account. RHUB will grant you precious access to the fairly priced new world of digital telephony. Unparalleled user friendliness for both users and administrators, can save you a lot of time and money. Find the hottest items, learn something about:, or .
RHUB appliances are powered by the RHUB TurboMeeting technology. You can use an RHUB appliance to:
  • Give sales presentations and product demos
  • Support PC or Mac customers remotely
  • Provide online seminars without download of any kind
  • Host secured internal meetings among employees
  • Access your home/office computers remotely
The RHUB TurboMeeting technology comprises four coherent applications, which service the different needs of your organization:
  • Web conferencing sales presentations, product demos, interactive collaboration
  • Remote Support remote desktop support for PCs and Macs
  • Remote Access - access to office or home PCs from anywhere anytime
  • Web Seminar seminars for view-only attendees, guaranteed attendance

The above four applications are delivered in two product lines:
1. 4-in-1 Web Conferencing Appliances: TM-200, TM-500, TM-800, TM-1000
2. Remote Support Appliances: TS-300, TS-700

Capabilities by Product Line:

Product: 4-in-1 Web Conferencing Appliance (TM-200, TM-500, TM-800, TM-1000)
Applications included: Web Conferencing, Remote Support, Remote Access, Web Seminar
Concurrent Sessions: Number of concurrent meeting rooms*
Concurrent Users: Number of concurrent users of all meeting rooms combined*
Number of PCs accessible: Number of concurrent users - 1

Product: Remote Support Appliance (TS-300, TS-700)
Applications included: Remote Support, Remote Access (unattended support)
Concurrent Sessions: Number of concurrent support sessions*
Concurrent Users: Up to 10 participants per session x Number of concurrent support sessions
Number of PCs accessible: 300, 700, or unlimited depending on models

*These parameters are configurable when you purchase a RHUB appliance. You can also upgrade capacity at any time after your purchase.

Unless you need to remotely access a large number of PCs for unattended support, the RHUB 4-in-1 Web Conferencing Appliance is the best choice for you because it provides the most flexibility and functions for your collaboration needs now and in the future.

If you do need to remotely access a large number of PCs for unattended support, the RHUB remote support appliance is designed for you at the most affordable one-time cost.

Comparison to Webex and Citrix: RHUB delivers its revolutionary TurboMeeting as a simple, secure and affordable pre-configured appliance to enable fast and easy on-premise deployment behind the firewall. On-premise web conference has many advantages over hosted web conference services:
  • Secure conferences assured by the firewall to reject unauthorized access to private meetings
  • Unlimited use and lower costs results from the elimination of recurring payments to a third party
RHUB TurboMeeting elevates Web conferencing by its unique ability to support both "fully interactive" and "view only" attendees in the same meeting. This means that EVERYONE can easily join a meeting. View-only attendees just point a browser to the meeting server and view the presenter's information in the browser. No download required!

RHUB web conferencing has been used for:
  • Sales presentations and product demos
  • Internal meetings within your network
  • Remote support for your customers
  • Remote training & seminars
  • Remote access to your computers in office or home
  • Engineering design coordination
  • Any real-time collaboration where desktop sharing is needed
Extended Warranty Available:
The first year warranty is included in the purchase price.For continuous coverage, the annual fee is 20% of theretail price of the configuration, paid in advance.Warranty terms are based upon base model, procurement dates and license upgrades.Units with lapsed warranty coverage must be brought up tocurrent revision levels before extended warranty coverage can be purchased.
  • Included Capacity: 50 meeting rooms, 200 concurrent users
  • Max Capacity: 200 meeting rooms, 2000 concurrent users (max 50 interactive users per meeting)
  • Network: 10/100
  • Dimensions: 1U rack-mount chassis with 14" dept
  • Ethernet Power supply: 200W
  • Fanless
  • Remote present and control
  • Application sharing
  • View-only with no-download
  • Remote support with remote reboot
  • Firewall friendly
  • Chat
  • File transfer, Remote access computer, Auto-reconnection
  • Schedule Meetings, Pause meetings
  • Annotation
  • 24 x 7 and free of maintenance
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