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6F ezDISTRIBUTION Tight Buffered Plenum Cable, OM3 FC118200G3006M3 Prysmian Cables

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Electronics, Computer & Photo includes the cutting-edge versions of many of your favorite smart equipment. Be prepared for brighter future, the amazing 6F ezDISTRIBUTION Tight Buffered Plenum Cable, OM3, will make your day. Add that little special "something" with Prysmian Cables that is nicely-designed. We know a little secret about performance and this smart product can show you that immensely. Consider the latest products, explore our range of equipment: , or and .
  • Name: 6 G3 M3 IOTB OFP PVC, Prysmian Cables & Systems
  • Description: 900 Micron, Tight Buffer, Distribution Style
  • Category: Multimode Plenum Fiber, Fiber, Enterprise Connectivity
  • Fiber Category
  • Fire Rating
  • Fiber Count
  • Qty/ Uom
    1 Foot
  • Cable Type
    Tight Buffered
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