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OK Sterilization Indicator Strips, 4" 26410100 Propper

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Everything you commodities to solve safeguard industrial quality control problems in the Industrial & Scientific. OK Sterilization Indicator Strips, 4" always a minimal investment opportunities performance, no matter in witch role in a wide range of safeguard applications. Propper, new line of specialized commodities that offer new solutions and sensitivity. Our protection supplies in hardware have reached reasonable proportions.
For steam sterilization cycles of 250°F (121°C) and 273°F (134°C)
OK® Strips are indicators that monitor all critical sterilization arameters: steam, time, and temperature. In sterilization cycles OK® Strips guard against incomplete steam penetration, presence of non-condensing gases or e x cessive air, as well as from inadequate temperature or insufficient e x posure time.
The pre-printed standard reference color permits rapid and certain visualization of the results. If the sterilization conditions meet equirements, the arrow and the K will change to become at least as dark as the reference color O forming the OK e x pression. The color response pattern may be used for sterilizer diagnostic evaluation.
The indicator dot printed on the distal end of the 8" strip permits a secure sterile presentation. Only if this dot is dark may sterile personnel handle the strip and the package contents. Without such assurance contamination of personnel becomes a real risk.
OK Sterilization Indicator Strips, 4"
This listing is for Box of 250
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