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Black Ice Cold Packs BLK24 Polar Tech

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Industrial & Scientific can also offer wide choice of excellent lab consumables and work wear. Have For newest, cheaper electronic components needed in industrial application, visit Industrial & Scientific. power and style at the same time with Black Ice Cold Packs being in you ranks. Turn to new, safeguard scientific solutions and see the world of excellent possibilities for your line of production. Polar Tech is choice for you if you take path care for the safety and efficiency. Now you can afford to supply your department of research with new line of reasonably priced equipment and consumables.
These cold packs are made with a plastic pouch and when properly used keep perishable products at a constant and desirable temperature. Economy Grade.
Black Ice Cold Pack, 24 oz, 8 x 6 x 1-1/4"
This listing is for Case of 24
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