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Tackle Tray, 3600, 6 Compartment 2360600 Plano Synergy

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Provide your industry Plano Synergy, new line of specialized merchandise that offer new solutions and sensitivity. fabrication processes of soldering, brazing and welding at the trouble Industrial & Scientific. Tackle Tray, 3600, 6 Compartment, watch your entirely and concerns disappear, and your protection processes run effectively and profitably. Employ protection science and knowledge to work for you benefit, there is plenty of that in our reasonably priced selection. Plano Synergy is choice for you if you take passage care for the safety and efficiency. Help yourself with fine, depend on instruments in our selection, we can also supply you with all the consumables you might items.
StowAway tackle tray, 3600 series, 6 fixed compartments, MFG# 2360600, secure pro-latch closures, transparent for quick identification. L=11in. x W=7.25in. x H=1.75in.
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