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PC Engines IDE to CompactFlash Adapter - IDE Straight Connector CF5HS PC Engines

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Production that has to upgrade must high splendid equipped research and development team on their side. laboratory and science equipment and materials you can at the high Industrial & Scientific. PC Engines IDE to CompactFlash Adapter - IDE Straight Connector can latest you with its easy going, find about more interesting precision equipment. PC Engines, new line of specialized items that offer new solutions and sensitivity. Now you can afford to supply your department of research with new line of reasonably priced equipment and consumables.
PC Engines CF5HS
IDE to CompactFlash Adapter - IDE Straight Conn
PC Engines IDE Straight Conn to CompactFlash Adapter (IDE Straight Conn) is a perfect replacement for PC hard disk drives, floppy power connector and 40 pin IDE connector. Directly plugs into system board IDE connector. Hardwired for IDE master. Supports IDE DMA. FDD Power Connector. 40 pin IDE connector conversion.
Important Note : Difficult to secure mechanically, not recommended for high vibration environments.
Specifications CF5HS
Connector IDE Connector Straight
Hot Swap No
Conversion IDE to CompactFlash adatper
Power FDD Power Connector
Depth 50.8mm
Weight 35g
Width 101.6mm
Height 30mm
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