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SmartNode License for 1 additional SIP Sessions for Trinity ESBRs only (SIP back-to-back calls using 2 SIP Legs) SNSW-1B Patton Electronics

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SmartNode 5300 ESBR License for 1 additional SIP Session - a SIP Session is one back-to-back call using 2 SIP Legs.

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Patton’s SmartNode 5300 ESBR is a CPE based Session Border Controller, delivering the features you need for advanced multiservice voice and data network applications. It combines highly flexible SIP routing and manipulation features with powerful quality of service IP routing functions to build professional and reliable VoIP and data networks.
The SN5300 enables Universal SIP Trunking and provides a single Integrated Access Device with features like IP Routing, VoIP and IP Security and a SIP registrar for survivability. The SN5300 connects to the IP-PBX or UC system in the Enterprise’s LAN and to an Internet telephony service provider (ITSP), creating a single conduit for multimedia components including voice, video, and data. Whether it is a new installation or an existing deployment, this device will aid you in, deploying, troubleshooting, logging, and security while increasing the flexibility of your network.
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