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PowerMax 8 AV PM8-AV Panamax

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Try Telephony, PBX & VoIP and find everything on hand to provide tailor made current communication solutions that will suit all your needs. Planning is vital when it comes to communication devices; take great Panamax PM8-AV Line Conditioner - 120V AC 1800W in to the account. Panamax , a cutting edge device that offers versatility and style with added accessibility. Meet the astonishing communication devices that develop your ideas into concepts you can rely on. Even if you are just browsing, products like these are worth looking into:SurgeX - D5143NT - ESP D5143NT Line Conditioner - AC Surge, AC Noise protection - AC Power, RJ-45 - 120 V AC Input, or Tripp Lite - LC0493 - Tripp Lite LC1800 Line Conditioner - 110V AC 1800VA 1800W and Smart Power Systems - TBF20C-1211TN - Smart Power Systems Copier Guardian II 1-Outlet Line Conditioner - Spike, Surge protection - NEMA 5-20R, RJ-11, RJ-45 - 120 V AC Input.
Panamax PM8-AV Top Benefits:

Improves Picture and Sound Quality
The PM8-AV's Power Cleaning and Filtration eliminate common symptoms of contaminated power (including loss of detail, pops, hisses, hums and visual artifacts) and allows your A/V equipment to perform up to its full capability.

Surge Protection
Panamax's Exclusive Protect or Disconnect™ circuitry. In the event of a catastophic surge such as lightning, the PM8-AV completely disconnects AC power to connected equipment.

Engineered and built to meet the latest UL Safety requirements (UL 1449 3rd Edition).


Universal Coaxial Protection
Protects equipment from electrical surges that travel over Cable, Satellite, and Antenna lines. The PM8-AV protects up to 2 sat/cable lines.

Telephone Line Protection
Protects equipment from electrical surges that travel over Telephone lines.

Surge Protection
In the event of a catastophic surge such as lightning, it completely disconnects AC power to connected equipment

Hi Def Ready
The PM8-AV is Hi-Def Designed to work with your High Definition system.

8 Outlets
8 filtered and surge protected outlets.


  • Weight - 3.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions - 12 in. L x 5 in. W x 1.75 in H (12.5 in. L Including brackets)

AC Power

  • Voltage Protection Rating (UL 1449 3rd Edition, 3, 000A) - 500V
  • Thermal Fusing - Yes
  • Single Pulse Energy Dissipation - 1125 Joules
  • Response Time - < 1ns
  • Protection Modes - L-N, L-G, N-G
  • Protect or Disconnect™ Circuitry - Yes
  • Power Cord - 6 ft fixed
  • Plug Type - right angle, 45 degree offset
  • Peak Impulse Current - 52, 000 A
  • Maximum Current Rating - 15 A (1800W)
  • Line Voltage - 120VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Initial Clamping Level - 200V Peak, 141V RMS
  • EMI/RFI Noise Filtration - 45 dB(100 KHz - 1MHz)

Telco Protection

  • Wires Protected - 2 wire, 1 pair (3, 4)
  • Suppression Modes - Metallic & Longitudinal
  • Fuseless / Auto-reseting - Yes
  • Connectors - RJ-11
  • Clamping Level - 260V
  • Capacitance - 30pf (approx.)

Universal Coaxial Protection

  • Shielded - Yes
  • Insertion Loss - < 0.5 dB
  • HD 1080 i/p Ready - Yes
  • Frequency Range - 0MHz - 2.2 GHz
  • Connections - Female "F", Gold Plated
  • Clamping Level - 75V
  • Bi-directional - Yes
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