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3.5mm Stereo (m-m) Assembly, 3' J8973 Other

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Our well designed cable and wire selection is always at your disposal Cable Zone. We challenge you to see better cabling concepts, use an inexpensive 3.5mm Stereo (m-m) Assembly, 3' for better performance. Other has precise diameter supervision of insulation and jacket diameters along with concentric wall thickness that assures fast, reliable production using high speed automated adequate for. Cables and accessories are handy and practical, price-competitive, and with high-performance. See what else is available: Other - J8976 - 3.5mm Stereo (m-m) Assembly, 6', Other - J8974 - 3.5mm Stereo (m-m) Assembly, 4', or Other - J9215 - 3.5mm Mono (m-m)Assy, 6 ft..
Stereo male to male Assembly , 3 feet
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