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Sl2100 12-butt Dig. Qkkit BE117449 NEC

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Discover the current products to ensure best performance even in the most complex settings, search for a minimal investment in Telephony, PBX & VoIP. The Sl2100 12-butt Dig. Qkkit comes from superb voice transfer specialists, and you can hear the difference in the connection quality, it is the optimal choice. NEC , a sophisticated device that offers versatility and style with added advantage. When it comes to current communication devices you want a great choice, user friendly and efficient device setup. You may be equally interested to take a look at the nicely designed:Motorola - NTN9392B - Swivel Belt Clip; Compatible with, Motorola - NTN9392B - Swivel Belt Clip; Compatible with and Motorola - NTN9392B - Swivel Belt Clip; Compatible with.
- Consists of
- (1) BE116491 SL2100 Chassis
- (1) BE116496 CPU Card Includes 4-port / 2-hour InMail Includes (8) VoIP Channels
- (1) BE116502 15-Hour InMail SD Card
- (1) BE116510 3-Port CO Trunk Daughter Board
- (1) BE116506 8-Digital/2-Analog Station Card
- (4) BE117451 Digital 12-Button Telephone (Black)
- (1) A20-030439-001 Installation Cable
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