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Mikrotik The Wireless out of band management USB stick WOOBM-USB MikroTik

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MikroTik RouterBOARD Woobm-USB
Wireless out of band management (Woobm)
The Wireless out of band management USB stick (Woobm-USB) is a useful assistant for any network administrator. Simply plug it into any RouterBOARD USB port and it will allow you to access the console of that device over wireless. It sets up as a wireless access point and has a simple web interface where you can access a fully featured terminal interface to configure your router, and where you can configure the Woobm itself.
It can even work as a wireless client: if you wish to manage many devices, just connect all the Woobms to one AP inside your server room and manage the routers through there.
Other useful features include it’s ability to discover neighboring RouterOS devices and ability to Telnet directly from your PC to the host console of the Woobm. Features:
  • Wireless out of band management (Woobm)
  • Plug into a device to have a new management AP
  • Can work as client to use in CCR rackmounts
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