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680 Retaining Compound - 10 pack 68035 Loctite / Henkel

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Selection of paints, and cheaper painting accessory at Industrial & Scientific could bring new unparalleled colors to your life. 648© High Strength and High Viscosity Retaining Compound, Green, 50 ml Bottle always a affordable pieces performance, no matter in witch role in a wide range of safety applications. Loctite – safety, breakthrough technologies, work faster to adapt changing a competitive edge. Machines, cheaper tools and great accessories that can help you with your production.
Top Pick Loctite® 680™ is a high strength, high viscosity room temp. curing adhesive used to join fitted cylindrical parts. It fixtures in 10 minutes and provides a shear strength of 4, 000 PSI. Capable of filling diametral gaps up to 0.015'. Loctite® 680 allows relaxed machining tolerances, and replaces clamp rings, set screws, and snap rings. Gives best resistance to dynamic, axial & radial loads. Recommended for retaining shafts, gears, pulleys and similar cylindrical parts. NSF/ANSI 61 Certified. ABS Approved.
Size : 50 ml. Bottle
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