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Threadlocker Loctite 262 50 Ml Red Mil-S-6163A, EA 26231 Loctite / Henkel

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Plenty of low cost industrious machine tools and accessories at the concern Industrial & Scientific. 262™ Threadlocker (Permanent), Red, 50 ml Bottle capabilities will certainly be a good safety to you, and a welcoming solution for your reasonable. Personal protective equipment and lean on emergency response equipment are just tough clicks away. Loctite is choice for you if you take approach care for the safety and efficiency. Now you can afford to supply your department of research with new line of reasonably priced equipment and consumables.
High Strength / Red / Permanent
Applied to fasteners up to 3/4' in diameter before assembly. High lubrication for easy assembly. Excellent for preventing rust and corrosion in extreme chemical / environmental conditions. Localized heat and hand tools are required to separate parts. Solvents will not weaken the adhesive bond.
Color : Red
Size : 50 ml. Bottle
Strength : High Strength
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