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900 MHz 14 dBi Heavy-Duty Yagi Antenna N Female Connector HG914Y-NF L-Com / Infinite Electronics

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The HyperGain HG914Y High-Performance Yagi Antenna combines high gain with a wide 30 beam-width. It is ideally suited for directional applications in the 900 GHz ISM and GSM bands as well as Non Line of Sight (NLOS) and Point to Multi-Point installations. Typical applications include 900 MHz Wireless LAN, SCADA, LPWAN, LoRA, IoT, M2M, and 900 MHz Cellular. This antenna features a heavy-duty 3/4" aluminum boom and solid 3/8" aluminum elements. Secure mounting is assured by a solid 1/4" aluminum mounting plate and two stainless steel V-bolts. Custom Connectors If you need a custom connector for this antenna, please contact sales for connector options, prices and availability.
Features: Superior performance 30 beam-width Heavy-duty 3/4" aluminum boom Solid 3/8" aluminum elements Solid 1/4" aluminum mounting plate Applications: 900MHz ISM Band & 900 MHz Cellular Non Line of Sight (NLOS) RFID & SCADA LPWAN, LoRA, IoT, M2M Wireless LAN systems & Point to Multipoint applications
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