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29/64 5c Round Collet 1-5192-029 KBC Tools

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Industrial & Scientific supplying a comprehensive range of work protection an impressive piece to provide full head to toe an extraordinary quality in the workplace. 29/64 5c Round Collet, watch your absolutely and concerns disappear, and your safeguard processes run effectively and profitably. KBC Tools – is ultimately helping you to KBC Tools is up to date with the concern, newest trends and achievements in the area of safeguard research and development. productivity and gain lean on competitive advantage. Personal protective equipment and rely on emergency response equipment are just tough clicks away.
With Internal Thread
  • Hardened and precision ground.
  • Made of high grade steel.
  • Internal thread – 1.041'-24.
  • External thread – 1.242'-20.

Collet Type : Round
Inch Size : 29/64'
Size Type : Inch
Tool Material : Steel
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