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Distribution Series 3 Intelligent 200A Dual Bus Breaker Panel with TCP/IP for remote monitoring, remote control, HTML and SNMP ICT200DB-12IRC Innovative Circuit

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DISTRIBUTION SERIES 3 - Dual Bus DC Load Distribution PanelsThe ICT DISTRIBUTION SERIES 3 provides independent dual bus capability for redundant systems or mixed-voltage sites. Each bus is rated at 100A peak and provides six fuse or breaker protected outputs. Standard models are available for unmanaged applications, while Intelligent models include ICT's industry leading TCP/IP remote management and power control and FlexibilityAll models feature a peak current rating of 200 amps (100 amps per bus) and up to six DC devices can be connected to each bus. The breaker protected models support 12, 24 and 48VDC, and with the use of 80V rated FKS ATO fuses, so do the fuse models. Each bus can be at a different voltage or polarity to support flexible system Cost of Ownership and Site MaintenanceAll models come with a 3-year warranty. Intelligent models are I.P. enabled for remote monitoring and remote shutdown or power cycling of individual outputs, potentially saving unnecessary service call-outs. Intelligent models also come with five digital input contacts for site monitoring sensors such as door, smoke, and water detection. Each input can be custom labelled to provide descriptive email alerts. All Distribution Series 3 models feature independent Form C outputs to monitor and report alarm conditions for each TCP/IP MonitoringThe Intelligent models are TCP/IP enabled, and utilize a built-in Ethernet connector with integrated web server to allow users to remotely monitor load conditions at the panel. System voltage and current, as well as the current reading of each output, can be monitored. This can provide an indication of a problem with the system power, or with individually connected devices such as a radio, repeater, or RF amplifier. Text or email alerts will be sent when an alarm is triggered. Up to 30 days of data logging is TCP/IP Power ControlIntelligent models allow the individual DC outputs to be turned on and off remotely using the TCP/IP connection. This allows connected devices to be power-cycled or shut down, potentially averting the need for an on-site service visit. The Network Watchdog feature pings a designated I.P. address and will restart an assigned output automatically, allowing devices such as routers to be power-cycled without risk of losing communications to the site. Load shedding is provided with user definable settings for each output, allowing non-essential loads to be automatically shut down in order to prolong power to critical loads.
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