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FortiCare 240vs FC-10-TS240-311-02-12 Fortinet

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Whatever your demands may be, a phone system for your home or your office - we have the present lines in Telephony, PBX & VoIP. The incredible FortiCare 240vs provides several first-class capacities: respond faster, collaborate better, stay in touch anywhere. We at Fortinet know how customers interact with our items, which is why our nicely designed communication systems stand out. Make managing your high-priced contacts and call records efficient and without worry. Cover these items, and be sure you did not miss out:Fortinet - FON-460I - Ip Phone With 10 Programmable Keys, Poe And 10/100/1000 Lan And Pc Connections., Fortinet - FC-10-TS084-311-02-12 - FortiCare 84vsx and Fortinet - FC-10-T0100-311-02-DD - FortiCare FVC 100.
Your phone system is mission-critical. FortiCare lets you sleep easy knowing that it's up-to-date and protected if anything goes wrong.

With no moving parts and an amazingly low return rate, TalkSwitch systems have reliability built-in. But adding FortiCare ensures you get extended support and access to software updates.

FortiCare: ensures your phone system hardware will be replaced if there's a hardware problem, gives you extended access to comprehensive phone and web-based support, and gives you extended access to management software updates.

Advanced hardware replacement: Under FortiCare, TalkSwitch will ship you an advanced exchange replacement unit in the event of a hardware issue to help reduce downtime. Without FortiCare, your hardware is protected only for its first year, and only for our regular return and repair service, so you would have to send in the defective unit before we ship a replacement. Plus, with FortiCare, you can extend coverage far beyond the first year.

Premium technical support: TalkSwitch Technical Support is free for the first 90 days, but FortiCare holders always have access to telephone and web-based technical support. Got a problem? Give Talkswitch a call!

Software updates: Talkswitch is always working to improve the capabilities of TalkSwitch systems. We frequently release software updates that add features or expand the capacity of the system. Software updates are available free to all users for the first 90 days, but FortiCare holders always get access to software updates.

Premium protection, practical prices: FortiCare coverage lasts for one year. You can buy up to five years of FortiCare coverage at a time. Plus, you can even renew coverage for some systems for a limited time after they've been discontinued.

Your system must be covered by a current warranty to be eligible for Forticare. Call Talkswitch toll-free 1.888.332.9322 x301 for details.

FortiCare is available for phone systems only. TalkSwitch phones are covered by a one-year limited warranty.
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