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PMP450 3.3-3.6GHz SM, Subscriber Module, Uncapped throughput C035045C004A Cambium Networks

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PMP 450 Subscriber ModuleThe Cambium Networks PMP 450 is our industry-leading wireless access network platform. Our solution is ideal for industry verticals such as WISPs (Wireless Service Providers), Enterprises and the Government Public Safety Sector. Designed for fixed outdoor applications, the PMP 450 platform is optimized for rate, reach, reliability and throughput. It features the most resilient and effective set of wireless broadband technologies in the available in most popular global bands, 2.4, 3.5, 3.65 and 5 GHz, the Cambium Networks Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) 450 Subscriber Module (SM) supports tiered service models. Software defined upgrades allow throughput from 4 Mbps to 55 Mbps and as a result improve revenue the innovative GPS Synchronization options to interoperability with existing portfolio modules, the PMP 450 provides flexible deployment options that make it an excellent fit for high capacity, high reliability DifferentiatorsMAXIMIZED SPECTRAL EFFICIENCY IN DENSE SERVICES AREAS is enabled by our innovative GPS Sync Technology in combination with long range and high density coverage. This allows for configuration of more subscribers utilizing fewer access points, while preserving quality of service in spectrum-constrained environments. By lowering installation costs and maintenance, GPS Sync reduces operating expenses and improves growth and TRIPLE PLAY BACKHAUL empowered by effective Quality of Service (QoS) management allows providers to confidently offer triple play services - VoIP (Voice over IP), video and data. Providing customers with excellent service ensures their continued loyalty and transforms them into advocates, helping WISPs and enterprises expand their -GRADE RELIABLE HARDWARE by Cambium Networks is constructed from high quality industrial components; it is outdoor-rated and rigorously tested to satisfy the most difficult environmental conditions. With 40-year MTBF, our equipment standards are unsurpassed in industries requiring fixed wireless FeaturesThe Cambium Networks PMP 450 platform is designed for growth. It allows service providers to efficiently and cost-effectively offer popular multi-media services that maximize their revenue - high-speed data and cloud access, video on demand, reliable fixed voice and VoIP. The PMP 450 solution provides reliable coverage across large service areas in urban, suburban, rural and remote MIMO-OFDM technology allows dual stream operation for most channel conditions, guaranteeing successful deployment of wireless networks in challenging latency of 3 - 5 ms effectively supports video and VoIP services. Flexible channel width (5, 10 and 20 MHz) allows users to select the most effective channel width for the current network environment. 256-QAM modulation rate offers the unique ability to use the PMP 450 platform for services requiring fast and reliable transmission. System performance is ensured by vigorous testing with a compatible set of radios, guaranteeing predictable link budget results. Cambium Networks specifications are consistent with real life conditions.
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