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Cambium ePMP 1000 2.4GHz 90/120-deg Dual-Pol Sector Antenna C024900D004A Cambium Networks

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Because technology is constantly developing we are constantly restocking, be up-to-date with Electronics, Computer & Photo. Be equipped for the job and ready for various challenges with a elegant product, like the ePMP 1000, 2.4GHz 90 degree Sector Antenna. Check out Cambium Networks, widely used for professional and consumer applications. Encounter the first-class solutions that help visionary users achieve their excellent objectives. Find a modern solution to your problems by checking out Cambium Networks - - 3.55-3.8 GHz PMP 450 Connectorized Access Point (C036045A001A), or Cambium Networks - C024900A021A - ePMP1000: 2.4GHz Conn Radio and Cambium Networks - - 3.55-3.8 GHz PMP 450 Subscriber Module, 20 Mbps (C036045C003A).
ePMP 1000 Sector AntennaAt Cambium Networks, our antennas are engineered to address typical network and terrain challenges and are built to the highest level of quality and reliability. These specially designed antennas can be used in unsynchronized or GPS synchronized deployments. The wide variety of antenna options consists of:* 5 GHz ePMP 1000 90 and 120 degree sector antennas* 2.4 GHz ePMP 1000 90 degree sector antennas (used for 90 and 120 degree deployments)All solutions are specifically designed for use with the ePMP platform. These antennas provide high front-to-back ratio required for optimized performance with maximized frequency reuse available with the ePMP a result, connectivity is delivered to a larger subscriber base with fewer channels and less equipment, ultimately improving return on FeaturesThe 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz ePMP 1000 Sector Antennas offer an ideal array of features - spectral efficiency, the capability to overcome environmental challenges and higher signal Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO gives the ePMP 1000 antennas the benefits of dual stream operation, provides interference mitigation by enabling the radios to select the best signal quality and allows for successful deployment of wireless networks in difficult Configuration is supported by adjustable hardware and a simple one-step connection with the radio. As an added bonus, a dedicated place is designed for a GPS antenna, providing more 1000 Antennas are outdoor-rated. Cambium Networks perform a rigorous set of environmental tests. We validate and guarantee the specifications and ensure their consistency with real life conditions.
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