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(Priced FEET) 14-1T STR TNC PVC O/A FOIL SHD PVC JKT 105C 300V BLK/RED/WHT UL PLTC OR ITC 9367 0605000 Belden

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9367 0605000
Cable Zone contains a very broad selection of cables and wires that will match needs. The (Priced per THOUSAND FEET) - BELDEN - a cutting edge product, that provides installation flexibility in different environments. Belden / CDT puts years of research and meticulous development into all of its items. Try out innovative product concepts for a assortment of equipment architectures. Try other similar wide range, see if you like them better: Other - 2AS-1808SPOS - (Priced per THOUSAND FEET) - ALL GENERIC VENDORS, Other - 323-231-2004 - (Priced per THOUSAND FEET) - ALL GENERIC VENDORS or Other - 323-221-1816 - (Priced per THOUSAND FEET) - ALL GENERIC VENDORS.
Note: Priced FEET
Power Limited Tray Cable, 1 Triads, 14 AWG, 42x30 Strands, 300V, Tinned Copper, PVC Insulation, PCV Jacket
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