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(Priced FEET) 16-1T STR TNC PVC O/A FOIL SHD PVC JKT 105C 300V BLK/RED/WHT UL PLTC OR ITC 9366 0605000 Belden

Our Price:
9366 0605000
Cable Zone - cabling and accessory has reached greater heights and it is nicely priced, at the same time. Better performance concepts and minimal environmental impact with well designed (Priced per THOUSAND FEET) - BELDEN. We are pushing the edges of efficiency and productivity with the amazing products by Belden / CDT. Cables and accessories are durable and sturdy, price-competitive, and with high-performance. Consider the following exceptional items,Belden / CDT - 1057A 01010000 - (Priced per THOUSAND FEET) - BELDEN, Belden / CDT - 1485A 0107500 - (Priced per THOUSAND FEET) - BELDEN and Belden / CDT - 1099A 0102500 - (Priced per THOUSAND FEET) - BELDEN
Note: Priced FEET
Power Limited Tray Cable, 1 Triads, 16 AWG, 19x29 Strands, 300V, Tinned Copper, PVC Insulation, PCV Jacket
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