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Bit 1/4" Hex Power Drive, Phillips, Point Size 2, 3-1/2" OL 492-BX Apex Tool

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Your house is your personal space and you should enjoy every inch of it; fill it with products from Home and Garden. Take a good look at the 28319 #2 Phillips Power, it could just be what you want. You can rest assured that the attention grabbing items from Apex Tool range will last for ages. If you make the right decisions your home will look sharp and charming. Don`t know where to start looking? Try: M.K. Morse - AV24 - 1-1/2" Variable Pitch Hole Saw, Apex Tool - 4910X - 28282 #0 Phillips Hex Po or Apex Tool - AN-16 - 00466 1/2" Hex Bit W/7/1.
Bit Length: 1-15/16"
Bit Type: Phillips
Drive: Hex
Drive Size: 3-1/2"
Material: Tool Steel
Point Size: #2

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