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Thomas & Betts - 142-TB - THB 3/4 IN. STEEL LOCKNUT. FOR USE WITH RIGID/IMC CONDUIT., THOMAS & BETTS ( priced per 100 Each )

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The 142-TB is a 3/4-inch cable Gland Locknut… See more
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Thomas & Betts - 390 - THOMAS & BETTS ANTI SHORT; PLASTIC; CABLE SIZE (3) 14 AWG, (2) 14 AWG, (2) 12 AWG; APPROVAL CSA; 39 MODEL ( priced per 100 Each )

Anti-Short Bushing, Cable Size 14-2, 14-3, 12-2, Non-Metallic
Anti-Short Bushing, For… See more
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Thomas & Betts - TC122A - Steel City TC122A 3/4 Inch Set Screw Connector; Steel-Zinc Plated, Concrete Tight

EMT Set Screw Connector, 3/4" Steel
EMT Connector, Set Screw, 3/4… See more
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Thomas & Betts - E940D - Carlon E940D 1/2 In Schedule 40 Rigid Non-Metallic Conduit Coupling

Coupling, Size: 1/2", Material: PVC
1/2" PVC Conduit Coupling. See more
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Thomas & Betts - TC121A - Steel City TC121A 1/2 Inch Set Screw Connector; Steel-Zinc Plated, Concrete Tight

EMT Set Screw Connector, 1/2" Steel
EMT Connector, Set Screw, 1/2… See more
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Thomas & Betts - TK121A - Steel City TK121A 1/2 in. Set-Screw Steel-Zinc EMT Coupling

Set Screw Coupling, 1/2", Steel
Set Screw Coupling, 1/2 inch, Steel See more
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Thomas & Betts - TS-901 - Steel City TS-901 Two-Hole Strap, 1/2", Steel, for EMT

Two-Hole Strap, 1/2", Steel, for EMT
1/2" Strap, 2-Hole, Material: Zinc… See more
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Thomas & Betts - TS-102 - Superstrut TS-102 EMT Conduit Strap, 1-Hole, 3/4", Steel

EMT Conduit Strap, 1-Hole, 3/4", Steel
EMT Conduit Strap, 1-Hole, 3/4… See more
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Thomas & Betts - TS-101 - Steel City TS-101 EMT Strap p; 1 Hole, Snap-On, 1/2 in. Conduit Size, 1.79 in. Length

EMT Conduit Strap, 1-Hole, 1/2", Steel
EMT Conduit Strap, 1-Hole, 1/2… See more
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