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Radiator Temp Control Kit W/ Harness ZFSWFK Zirgo

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If you're experiencing troubles with your car or boat we recommend Automotive & Marine - a trusted, perfect path to solving them. Try well designed Radiator Temp Control Kit W/ Harness and enjoy without worrying whether or not you can depend on your vehicle. We are certain that popular solution Zirgo will take good care of your precious vehicle. Consider sure auto and marine parts, when it comes to repairing your precious car or boat. Try some more see if you will like them better: Autoloc - SW3 - Switch 3 Illuminated, or Autoloc - RAS51 - Relay Socket 51 Inch and Keep It Clean - SW25B - Metal Tip Led Toggle Switch - Blue 20a/12v.
The Zirgo ZFSWFK temperature control switch-sensor will automatically turn on your Zirgo cooling fan at the preset temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Zirgo switch-sensors are ideal for all types of vehicles. Available in a fixed (180) temperature setting. To ensure a consistent operating temperature for your vehicles engine, be sure to install a Zirgo Temperature Control Switch-Sensor. INCLUDES PLUG IN HARNESS

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