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698-2700 MHz ClearLink 3-Way Power Divider CS04-041-4294310 Westell Technologies

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Electronics, Computer & Photo includes the state-of-the-art versions of many of your favorite elegant equipment. The 698-2700 MHz ClearLink 3-Way Power Divider offers an elegant solution for what you demand. Threat yourself to a new item from Westell Technologies. Strong commitment to engineering and technology gave amazing result in this case. Also take a look at elegant items, such as Microlab / FXR - D4-67FN - 380-2700 MHz 4-Way Splitter w/ N Females, or Telewave - PS4502/N - 400-512 MHz 2-Way Splitter w/ N Females and Westell Technologies - SPD3/698-2.7KLP/N - 698-2700 MHz ClearLink Low PIM 3-Way Power Divider.
PIM can occur when two or more signals are present in a passive, non-linear device. PIM can be generated in any passive component within a wireless communication system. Carriers are placing more emphasis on maintaining a low PIM rating on the products used in their system. These power dividers are manufactured to meet a specific PIM rating.
Split < 3-Way
Frequency Range < 698-2700 MHz
Maximum Power < 300 W
PIM Typical < -153 dBc
RF Connectors < 4.3-10 Female
Directivity < 18 dB
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