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TWS-200 Low Loss Braided/Foam coaxial cable TWS-200 Ventev

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Wide choice of desire price chemicals and lubricants for various applications at the lean on Industrial & Scientific. TWS-200 Coax Cable has incredible finishing touches to match your corporate style, reasonably priced excellence that is hard to find. Take from worries Ventev , that applies safeguard cutting edge scientific approach, and be step ahead from the competition. Personal protective equipment and lean on emergency response equipment are just strong clicks away.
The Ventev TWS-200 flexible low loss braided coaxial cable offers similar performance compared to corrugated copper cables but provides higher flexibility and simplified connectorization. This low loss, 50 Ohm coax cable features a 90 percent coverage shield. It has a solid copper center conductor and polyethylene foam insulation. With maximum flexibility where curves, bends and twists exist, our cable eliminates the need for hard-line transmission cables. The cable is constructed of a UV resistant polyethylene jacket providing durability and protection from harsh elements. It is designed for any application requiring high-quality, flexible cabling such as WLL, GPS, WLAN, WISP, WiMAX, SCADA and mobile applications. The low loss coax cable has a comparable performance to RG142 cable and uses RG58 or RG142 connectors. The Ventev TWS-200 low loss coax cable is available in bulk and sold per foot.
  • Nominal O.D.
    0.195 in
  • VOP
    80 %
  • Dielectric Insulation
  • Center Conductor Construction
  • Center Conductor Material
  • Center Conductor Diameter
    .044 in
  • Cable Type
  • Loss @ 100 MHz
    3.1 dB
  • Loss @ 400 MHz
    6.4 dB
  • Loss @ 900 MHz
    9.9 dB
  • Sold By
    Per Foot
  • Strip Tool
    Not Specified
  • Shield %
  • Nominal Core O.D.
  • Nominal Capacitance (pF/ft)
  • Loss @ 50 Mhz
  • Loss @ 1000 MHz
  • Qty/ Uom
    1 Foot
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