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700-2700 MHz 4-Way Splitter w/ N Females RMFLT-4-M3-NJ Ventev

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Astonishing product packed up with lots of utility, and much more - Electronics, Computer & Photo. Be equipped for the job and ready for various challenges with a smart item, like the 700-2700 MHz 4-Way Splitter w/ N Females. Need a good range at bargain prices? It doesn`t get any better than Ventev . We're adding new professional equipment all the time, check out similar products. Goods that are easy to operate, and follow your intuition - Electronics, Computer & Photo section, that offers: Microlab / FXR - D4-67FN - 380-2700 MHz 4-Way Splitter w/ N Females, or Ventev - RMFLT-2-24TJPR - 5.8 Ghz 2-Way Splitter w/ 1 RPTNC M & 2 Female and Ventev - PDW4-2700N - 698-2700 MHz 4-Way Splitterw/ N Females.
TERRAWAVE SOLUTIONS 700-2700 MHz 4-Way Splitter with N-Style Jack. 50 Watts.
Split < 4-Way
Frequency Range < 700-2700 MHz
Minimum Isolation < 20 dB
Maximum Power < 50 W
Loss < 6.6 dB
RF Connectors < N Female
Maximum VSWR < 1.2:1
Product < Four-Way Power Splitter, IP 53 Rated
Size (in.) < 4.5 in. x 4.5 in. x 1.0 in.
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