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2.4-2.5/5.15-5.85GHz 11/13.5dBi MIMO Panel Antenna M6110135MP1D3620 Ventev

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Industrial & Scientific can offer superb laboratory, plant, and field systems that provide flexibility and real-time quality assurance and process monitoring. 2.4-2.5/5.15-5.85GHz 11/13.5dBi MIMO Panel Antenna has incredible finishing touches to match your corporate style, affordable excellence that is hard to find. Ventev offers you numerous safeguard options with which you can customize, and Ventev, new line of specialized products that offer new solutions and sensitivity. your processes. Wide collection of rely on portable instruments and protection accessories can take you places.
TerraWaves 2.4/5 GHz multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) directional panel is a rugged, high performance antenna. The antenna features three integrated 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual band antennas in one radome, making it an ideal and aesthetically pleasing antenna to support outdoor applications in next generation IEEE 802.11n wireless communication systems. Includes RPSMA Plug connectors with a 36 pigtail. The antenna comes with the TerraWave Universal Articulating Mount (TW-ART-MOUNT) as well as an L-bracket for multiple mounting options. This antenna is also DC Grounded.
Specific Frequency < 2400-2500 MHz / 5125-5875 MHz
Gain dBi < 11 dBi / 13.5 dBi
Gain dBd < 8.85 dBd / 11.35 dBd
Minimum Front Back Ratio < 25 dB
Polarization < Vertical / Horizontal
Horizontal Beamwidth < 45 deg
Maximum VSWR < 2.0:1
Maximum Power < 10 W
Electrical Downtilt < Fixed
RF Connectors < RP SMA Male
Jumper Included < Yes
Type of Jumper Included < RPSMA Plug with 36" pigtail
Maximum Rated Wind Velocity < 135 mile/h
Item Weight < 3.6 lb
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