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2.4-2.5/5.15-5.85GHz 6dBi Patch MIMO Antenna M6060060MP1D33602 Ventev

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Selection of paints, and affordable painting accessory at Industrial & Scientific could bring new incredible colors to your life. 2.4-2.5/5.15-5.85GHz 6dBi Patch MIMO Antenna can Ventev has a wealth of safety experience in this market sector, so bay from worries professionals. your profitability you can great on that. Take from strain Ventev , that applies safeguard cutting edge scientific approach, and be step ahead from the competition. Turn to new, protection scientific solutions and see the world of exceptional possibilities for your line of production.
TERRAWAVE 2.4/5 GHz 6 dBi MIMO Patch Antenna. Includes 3 Dual-Band 36" pigtails with RPTNC Plug (F centerpin) & Articulating pole/wall mount.
Specific Frequency < 2400-2500 MHz / 5150-5850 MHz
Gain dBi < 6 dBi
Gain dBd < 3.85 dBd
Minimum Front Back Ratio < 25 dB
Polarization < Vertical
Horizontal Beamwidth < 90 deg
Maximum VSWR < 2.0:1
Maximum Power < 20 W
Electrical Downtilt < Fixed
RF Connectors < RP TNC Male
Jumper Included < Yes
Item Height < 7.5 in
Item Length < 1.6 in
Item Width < 7.5 in
Item Weight < 1.76 lb
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