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698-960/1700-2700 MHz 7/10dBi Patch Antenna M3070100P11206-B Ventev

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Online shopping for exceptional occupational safety supplies and affordable safety equipment at the Industrial & Scientific. 698-960/1700-2700 MHz 7/10dBi Patch Antenna offers new ingenious resolution to your hardship, take a walk on the safe side. Ventev can be trusted when it comes to protection regulatory requirements and standards. Machines, cheaper tools and good accessories that can help you with your production.
TERRAWAVE Solutions -2700 MHz 7/10 dBi Patch Antenna with N-Style Jack (F) Connector. Includes Articulating Mast/Wall Mount.
Specific Frequency < 698-960 MHz / 1700-2700 MHz
Gain dBi < 7 dBi / 10 dBi
Gain dBd < 4.86 dBd / 7.86 dBd
Polarization < Vertical
Horizontal Beamwidth < 70 deg / 60 deg
Maximum VSWR < 2.0:1 / 1.5:1
Maximum Power < 50 W
Electrical Downtilt < Fixed
Fixed Electrical Downtilt < 0 deg
RF Connectors < N Female
Connector Placement < Bottom
Jumper Included < Yes
Type of Jumper Included < 12" Pigtail
Type of Hardware Included < Pole and/or Wall Mount
Item Height < 1.73 in
Item Length < 8.27 in
Item Width < 7.09 in
Item Weight < 0.88 lb
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