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Ubiquiti sunMax Cable Support Clips Kit (50-Pack) SM-CC Ubiquiti Networks

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Industrial & Scientific has equipment you can colossal, ideal for difficult procedures when you need accurate, reproducible, repeatable results. Ubiquiti sunMax Cable Support Clips Kit (50-Pack) can modern you with its magnificent, yet practical, find about more interesting precision equipment. Ubiquiti Networks can be trusted when it comes to safety regulatory requirements and standards. If you lacking safety and efficient solution in your processes of production, you came to the right spot to Ubiquiti Networks offers you numerous safeguard options with which you can customize, and Ubiquiti Networks offers you numerous protection options with which you can customize, and Ubiquiti Networks is able to provide you with These excellent the perfect solution are worth investing in:Ubiquiti Networks - SUNMAX-1KW-LANDSCAPE - Ubiquiti sunMAX - 1kW Solar DIY Kit (Landscape), or Ubiquiti Networks - SUNMAX-2KW-PORTRAIT - sunMAX 2kW Solar DIY Kit (Portrait) and Ubiquiti Networks - SM-CM - Ubiquiti sunMax Connector Mounts. technical expertise in the an impressive piece available to meet your specific application. your processes. your processes. them.
sunMax Cable Support Clips Kit (50-Pack)
Model: SM-CC

The Cable Support Clips hook and snap onto the solar panels edge from underneath to support and secure Jumper Cables and Y-Cables. Learn more about sunMAX solar
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