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Passive POE XOVER Canopy & Eng Shielded POE-XOVER-S Tycon Power Systems

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Browse Telephony, PBX & VoIP and find out about cutting-edge integration capabilities in the domain of communications. The Passive POE XOVER Canopy & Eng Shielded takes connectivity to the current level and will boost your communication opportunities. Tycon Power Systems has good, well designed solutions when it comes to the world of communications ensuring your users are always reachable. The new line of communication devices offers the advantages of multitasking and professional features. Surprise yourself with bargain prices:Open-Mesh - POE INJ. FOR OM SERIES - POE Inj OMxP - PS24VUNV not included, or Microsemi - PD-9024G/ACDC/M/F - Microsemi High-Power, 24-Port Full Power (36W per port), Managed, Gigabit PoE Midspan, DC and AC Input - 240 V AC Input - 55 V DC Output - 1 kW and Tycon Power Systems - TP-DCDC-1248GD - Tycon Power TP-DCDC-1248GD Power over Ethernet Injector - 12 V DC, 24 V DC Input - 48 V DC Output - 17 W.
Passive Power over Ethernet Splitters

The unique POE-XOVER-S converts the output from a standard polarity POE source to a reverse voltage output. Pins 4, 5(-) and 7, 8(+). Useful for devices that require a reverse POE voltage such as Canopy. Works with standard POE Switches, POE inserters (including POE-INJ-S and POE-INJ-LED-S) and POE midspan devices. Features
  • Shielded CAT5e cable and connectors for added protection against surges and interference
  • Cat5 rated RJ45 jack for more reliable high speed data connections (10/100MB)
  • Shrouded DC jack for improved safety
  • Wireless Access Points and Client Devices
  • IP Phone and Security Camera Systems
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