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Electroporation Cuvettes, 1 mm Gap, Sterile, White Cap 5510-11-CSOF250 Thermo Scientific

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  • Color-coded
  • Frosted caps
  • Precise gap tolerances

Electroporation cuvettes are color-coded and have frosted caps that make for trouble-free labeling and recognition.
Cuvettes feature durable polycarbonate construction which can withstand pulses of very high voltages or field strength. Precise gap tolerances are set for reproducible field strength delivery and high transformation efficiency.
Consistent chamber shape eliminates leaking and keeps aluminum plates parallel for uniform sample treatment and safety.
1 mm (white cap) cuvettes delivers pulses with the highest field strength and is suitable for bacterial cells.
2 mm (blue cap) generates pulses at medium field strength and works well for yeast cells.
4 mm (green cap) produces pulses with the lowest field strength and is best suited for mammalian cells.
Cuvettes are individually wrapped and come with a Samco transfer pipet.
Electroporation Cuvettes, 1 mm Gap, Sterile, White Cap
This listing is for Case of 250
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