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Wash Bottle Unitary RTK Deionized LDPE Wht 500 mL 2436-0507-CSOF24 Thermo Scientific

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Industrial & Scientific supplying a comprehensive range of work protection an impressive piece to provide full head to toe a noticeable in performance in the workplace. Wash Bottle Unitary RTK Deionized LDPE Wht 500 mL has essential finishing touches to match your corporate style, affordable excellence that is hard to find. Thermo Scientific has put a focus on their new lean on an affordable piece by bringing in new technologies. Let us help the health and safety of your workers in all types of protection industries.
For acetone, ethyl alcohol, methanol, isopropanol, distilled water and sodium hypochlorite (bleach)
  • Leakproof, easy-to-fill, wide-mouth design
  • Color-coded caps
  • Sputter-free dispensing
  • 250 ml , 500 ml or 1 L capacities

Vented Unitary™ wash bottles keep hazardous volatile liquids safely in the wash bottle and off the lab bench. Bottles are leakproof, easy-to-fill, have either a 250 ml , 500 ml or 1 L capacity and feature a wide-mouth design. Unitary design prevents cross contamination when filling. Each bottle has a color-coded bar below the chemical name that corresponds to closure color. Choose from si x different chemicals: acetone (red), methanol (green), isopropanol (yellow), ethyl alcohol (white), sodium hypochlorite (bleach) (HDPE white) and distilled water (natural). Manufactured in LDPE with polypropylene or HDPE (sodium hypochlorite) closure and PTFE membrane in a unitary style. Bottles come with a vented 38 mm closure.
Wash Bottle Unitary™ RTK Deionized LDPE Wht 500 mL
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