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406-512 MHz Unity Gain Exposed Dipole Antenna ANT450D Telewave

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Everything you require for serious plumbing endeavors at the Industrial & Scientific. Planning for the future will be a grandeur, great project if you take 406-512 MHz Unity Gain Exposed Dipole Antenna into the account. Telewave a host of prime sophisticated standard can safeguard your line of business. Our safety supplies in hardware have reached reasonable proportions.
Telewave ANT450D is a single exposed dipole antenna that operates in the 406 - 512 MHz frequency range. This unity gain UHF 1/2 wave dipole antenna has a power input of 500 watts. The antenna is terminated with an N male connector on the harness feed. The ANT450D mounts to a 1.5 to 2.5 inch galvanized steel support pipe or tower leg. Mast is not included. This omnidirectional antenna is ideal for many applications such as trucking, business, public safety, government, and amateur radio because of the wide bandwidth and high efficiency this antenna produces. Each antenna is sealed with Txylan coating to provide protection from corrosive gases, UV radiation, salt spray, acid rain, wind blown abrasives and ice buildup.
Specific Frequency < 406-512 MHz
Antenna Pattern < Adjustable
Gain dBi < 3.1 dBi / 4.6 dBi
Gain dBd < 1 dBd / 2.5 dBd
Polarization < Vertical
Vertical Beamwidth < 71 deg
Horizontal Beamwidth < 66 deg
Maximum VSWR < 1.5:1
Maximum Power < 500 W
Lightning Protection < DC Ground
RF Connectors < N Male
Connector Placement < Pigtail
Jumper Included < Yes
Type of Hardware Included < Clamp set for 1.5-2.5" OD
Maximum Rated Wind Velocity < 175 mile/h
Item Height < 13 in
Item Length < 12 in
Item Weight < 6 lb
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