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Solder Flux, Soldering, Pen Applicator, 11.5 ml 2507-N Techspray

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Wide choice of need price chemicals and lubricants for various applications at the lean on Industrial & Scientific. With the innovative NO-CLEAN FLUX PEN NO-CLEAN FLUX PEN (Each) gain the protection of valuable tools for your line of industry, that will take your work to higher level. Techspray provides a solid example sales, and has lean on attributs. Let us help the health and safety of your workers in all types of protection industries.
Product Overview
The 2507-N is a Trace Tech No-clean Flux, Pen resin and halide-free flux has excellent wetting abilities and leave no problematic residues. Excellent for prototyping, rework and repair and to provide extra wetting for lead-free wire solder. It is in the form of clear colorless liquid with alcohol odor.
  • Excellent wetting
  • Works with lead and lead-free solders
  • Non-ozone depletion
  • No cleaning necessary if fully activated
  • Boost wetting for lead-free wire solder

Maintenance & Repair
This listing is for Each
Flux Applications : Soldering
Dispensing Method : Pen Applicator
Volume : 11.5ml
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