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Wire Distribution Spool (Mounting Screw not Included) SUT-SE-A20A Suttle

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Try Telephony, PBX & VoIP and find everything available to provide tailor made cutting-edge communication solutions that will suit all your needs. The Spool, Dist*no Screw* is for those who demand high quality and magnificent, yet practical communication products, and the perfect solution without compromises. The phone system is at the heart of what we do; the essential Suttle will take you to the gratest level of connectivity. Turn to new, up-to-date telephony solutions and see communication possibilities you can really build on. Even if you are just browsing, items like these are worth looking into:ICC - IC1078L6GN - Cat 6 EZ Module - Green, or Cablesys - GCHA444012FOW - Handset Cord 12', Off White and ICC - IC107SB2WH - Surface Mount Box, 2-Port, White.
Spool without screws
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