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136-512 LM/LA 1/4 Wave Antenna Q Pulse

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Electronics, Computer & Photo has a selection that also introduces more specialized products. Fix all your work challenges by purchasing a marvelous accessory, like the 136-512 LM/LA 1/4 Wave Antenna. Avoid any malfunctions, buy reliable equipment from Pulse. No need to compromise on functionality, let this astonishing gadgets take you a step further. Find a modern solution to your troubles by checking out PCTEL / Maxrad - MWV1322HDS - 132-174 Wide Band Antenna w/ Spring, or PCTEL / Maxrad - MHB5800S - 144-174 Mhz 3db 5/8 Wave Antenna W/ Spring Chrome and Laird Technologies - BB132R - 132-525 MHz Tunable Black Elastomer Spring, Unity.
LARSEN 136-512 MHz LM or LA quarter wave mobile antenna. Order desired LM or LA style mount separately.
Specific Frequency < 136-512 MHz
Gain dBi < 2.14 dBi
Mobile Antenna Mounting Type < Permanent
Whip Material < Stainless Steel
Whip Length < 20 in
RF Connectors < No Connector
Maximum Power < 200 W
Color < Silver
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