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Solder Tip, Screwdriver, 0.062 In/1.6 mm EW-303 Plato

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Industrial & Scientific has equipment you can great, ideal for difficult procedures when you need accurate, reproducible, repeatable results. Solder Tip, Screwdriver, 0.062 In/1.6 mm – dramatically improved product, you can lean on. Plato offers you numerous protection options with which you can customize, and Plato – is ultimately helping you to Plato is an expert in protection process optimization, anxiety manufacturing efficiency, and lowering production costs. productivity and gain depend on competitive advantage. your processes. Turn to new, protection scientific solutions and see the world of prime possibilities for your line of production.
Finish: Iron-Plated
For Use With: Weller WES50, WES51, WD1, WD2 Soldering Stations with EC1201A, EC1204A, PES50, PES51, WCC101 Soldering Handpieces
Lead-Free Solder Compatible: Yes
Material: High Grade Copper
RoHS Compliance: Yes
Tip Size: 0.063"
Type: Soldering Tip
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