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162-174 MHz 150W Unity Titanium Gray PCTCN1620 PCTEL / Maxrad

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Because technology is constantly developing we are constantly restocking, be up-to-date with Electronics, Computer & Photo. Compact and affordable items like the 162-174 MHz 150W Unity Titanium Gray will leave you asking for more. Choose a technical solution from PCTEL / Maxrad, which will provide the performance that you desire. The device is accurate, responsive and easy to operate. Consider the current products, explore our range of equipment: PCTEL / Maxrad - MWV1322HDS - 132-174 Wide Band Antenna w/ Spring, or Laird Technologies - CW1503 - 150-162 5/8 Wave Wide Band Antenna, Chrome/Black and Pulse - NMO150C - 144-174 NMO 5/8 Wave Antenna, Chrome.
MAXRAD 162-174 MHz, 150 watt quarter wave unity gain titanium gray antenna. Order Motorola style mount separately.
Specific Frequency < 162-174 MHz
Gain dBi < 2.15 dBi
Mobile Antenna Mounting Type < NMO
Whip Material < Stainless Steel
Whip Length < 21 in
RF Connectors < No Connector
Maximum Power < 150 W
Color < Gray
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