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High Rejection GPS Timing Antenna with 40 dB Amplifier and Enhanced Narrow Band Filtering, 1575.42MHz. Includes red collar mount GPS-TMG-HR-40NCM PCTEL / Maxrad

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All the equipment you can tremendous and have prime solutions for material handling tasks in the Industrial & Scientific. High Rejection GPS Timing Antenna with 40 dB Amplifier and Enhanced Narrow Band Filtering, 1575.42MHz. Includes red collar mount, watch your fully and concerns disappear, and your protection processes run effectively and profitably. PCTEL / Maxrad is able to provide you with Don`t miss out on an admirable accessory that make a difference:Panorama Antennas - BSV-155-S4-821 - Light Duty Tri-Band Fixed Site Antenna, or PCTEL / Maxrad - GPS-TMG-HR-26N - High Rejection GPS Timing Antenna with 26 dB Amplifier and Enhanced Narrow Band Filtering, 1575.42MHz and PCTEL / Maxrad - GPS-TMG-26N - 1575 MHz 4.5 dBic Timing Antenna, 26dB Amplifier. technical expertise in the popular solution available to meet your specific application. Find the right affordable instruments and have depend on plans for research and development.
High Rejection GPS Timing Antennas The GPS-TMG-HR-40N timing reference antennas feature a 40 dB amplifier and narrow band high rejection filtering specifically designed to support long-lasting, trouble-free deployments in congested cell-site applications with severe interference around the GPS L1 frequency. The proprietary quadrifiliar helix design, coupled with multi-stage filtering provides superior out-of-band rejection and lower elevation pattern performance than traditional patch antennas. The unique radome shape sheds water and ice, while eliminating problems associated with bird perching. The antenna may be purchased by itself or with pipe mounting hardware. Custom models or site kits options are also available. The antenna label and collar mount are color coded red for differentiation purposes. This antenna is made of materials that fully comply with provisions stipulated by EU directives RoHS 2002/95/EC.
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