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Metcal Smartheat Soldering Cartridge - Chisel Tip - 0.45 in Tip Length - 0.2 in Tip Width - STTC-165 STTC-165 Metcal

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All the equipment you can tremendous and have good solutions for material handling tasks in the Industrial & Scientific. Tip Cartridge, 13/64"chisel can help out removing some of the worries from your routines. Metcal a host of prime sophisticated standard can protect your line of business. Let us help the health and safety of your workers in all types of protection industries.
The Metcal Smartheat soldering cartridge is another quality product from Metcal. Offers a chisel tip. The important aspects of buying these products, for proper sizing, are the width, length and thickness of the tip. This product comes with a tip width of 0.2 in, length of 0.45 in and thickness of. This soldering cartridge is designed to work with MX-500 - Soldering System, MX-5000 - Soldering System, MX-5200 - Desoldering System, MX-H1-AV - Soldering Handpiece, MX-RM3E - Soldering Handpiece. Additional, and potentially important, information was collected about this product: Tip Sub-Series: 700
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Brand : Metcal
Trade Name : Smartheat
Tip Series : STTC-165
Tip Shape : Chisel
Tip Width : 0.2 in
Tip Length : 0.45 in
For Use With : MX-500 - Soldering System MX-5000 - Soldering System MX-5200 - Desoldering System MX-H1-AV - Soldering Handpiece MX-RM3E - Soldering Handpiece
Additional Information : Tip Sub-Series: 700
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