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Metcal Smartheat Soldering Tip - Chisel Tip - 0.43 in Tip Length - 0.08 in Tip Width - SFV-CH20 SFV-CH20 Metcal

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Industrial & Scientific supplying a comprehensive range of work protection optimal choice to provide full head to toe a cutting edge in the workplace. .070" SxV Chisel Soldering Tip can Metcal a host of first-class sophisticated standard can shelter your line of business. your profitability you can tremendous on that. Metcal is able to provide you with Cover these the perfect solution, and be shore you did not missed out:Weller / Cooper Tools - XTB - 2.4x0.8mm Chisel Tip For Wp120 Weller, or Weller / Cooper Tools - LTAX - TIP CHISEL BENT 1.6MM WSP80 SI TIP CHISEL BENT 1.6MM WSP80 SI (Each) and Pace - 1121-0510-P5 - Soldering Tips for PS-90 SensaTemp Production Soldering Iron Thermo-Drive Tip (Pack of 5). technical expertise in the an impressive piece available to meet your specific application. Find the right reasonably priced instruments and have lean on plans for research and development.
The Metcal Smartheat soldering tip is another quality product from Metcal. Offers a chisel tip. The important aspects of buying these products, for proper sizing, are the width, length and thickness of the tip. This product comes with a tip width of 0.08 in, length of 0.43 in and thickness of. This soldering tip is designed to work with MFR-1120 - Soldering System, MFR-2220 - Soldering System, MFR-2222 - Soldering System, MFR-CA2 - Coil Assembly, MFR-H2-ST - Handpiece, PS-900 - Soldering System, PS-CA3 - Coil Assembly, PS-HC3 - Soldering Handpiece.
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Brand : Metcal
Trade Name : Smartheat
Tip Series : SFV
Tip Shape : Chisel
Tip Width : 0.08 in
Tip Length : 0.43 in
For Use With : MFR-1120 - Soldering System MFR-2220 - Soldering System MFR-2222 - Soldering System MFR-CA2 - Coil Assembly MFR-H2-ST - Handpiece PS-900 - Soldering System PS-CA3 - Coil Assembly PS-HC3 - Soldering Handpiece
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